Draft one- Transcription Video

The concept of this video is the potential of the human mind. Although using two individual actors, we have decided to generate an idea that they are merged in mind, rather than physical being. Our first draft consisted of the idea that there could be a sinister tone reflected in the demonstration of constant questions relating to what is real. Initially, we decided that we would use a window as a source of a reflection, however, it came to our attention a mirror would be much more successful and would produce more continuity due to the same lighting environment being used for each shot. When generating ideas, we researched ‘split personality’ movie characters as a source of understanding behaviour and self-confliction, then incorporating a sense of paranoia and suspicion with the main character ‘Withnail’. The end of the film presents ‘Withnail’ being completely consumed by ‘I’, muchly related to considered personalities of movies such as ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Golum vs.Smeagol’ in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy.



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