Character Design details

My character has been developed from the influence of my brother.

Name: Elijah

  • What is their hair like? Their hair is long and consists of a silver/brown colour
  • They are highly intelligent- have knowledge about most topics
  • They live in Kent- temporality in Cambridgeshire
  • Student
  • They wear a significant amount of psychedelic and sarcastic t-shirts
  • Very inspired- believe that they will be successful in their field (music technology)
  • Not religious- although brought up Catholic
  • Extremely open-minded
  • Listens to a broad range of music- classical to heavy metal
  • On the one hand entertained by intense violence, on the other, is very sympathetic towards hurt animals
  • Finds human error hilarious- grammar mistakes
  • Stubborn
  • Extreme perfectionist
  • Will only drink lemonade in a bar or pub (Details below)
  • Smoker: highly selective with only choosing to smoke roll-ups
  • Honest
  • They tend to walk slowly: time does not bother them
  • What makes them happy? Vintage and wartime architecture and automobiles
  • What worries them? Humans and their fallible nature (although this can also amuse him)
  • He sneezes a lot when he gets excited
  • Never diverts eye-contact, highly attentive (Interestingly he is still cripplingly shy)
  • He despises conflict, but enjoys a debate
  • He does not tolerate people who feel it is necessary to constantly prove themselves- he prefers natural characters
  • Quite accepting and non-judgmental of others regarding their choice of style
  • Has a wide range of music taste, but despises musicals
  • Women with brown eyes are his weakness
  • Cripplingly shy despite the fact that he works with multiple bands
  • Believes there are no limits-
  • Hates the idea of holidays
  • He has devised a whole escape plan in the event of a Zombie apocalypse
  • Is convinced Prince George is in fact Damian, the spawn of Satan
  • Favourite animal is a Panther
  • Owns a pet stick insect named Giovanni
  • Believes in alien kind, but believes nothing of the paranormal (ghosts)
  • Once aspired to be a pilot
  • Finds joy in assembling and dissembling computer components
  • Extremely devoted
  • Male crush on Tom Hardy
  • Highly selective with friendships
  • Trust very little people, but can become very emotionally involved
  • Once designed his own house in the shape of a shoe
  • His favourite smell is petrol
  • He sleeps with all the lights on and can only sleep if he listens to celtic music before he sleeps
  • Has never had a partner- is single
  • Darkness petrifies him- but he equally enjoys the mystery
  • He has to surround himself with clutter, he fears emptiness
  • His antagonist is his mind- he is an insomniac
  • Constantly evaluates situations and their probabilities
  • Want: he wishes to conquer his fear of the dark and how to switch of his mind
  • Secrets? He was once in love with an old best friend, but never told her, leading to him going slightly mad
  • He enjoys to dress in Victorian clothing, and he even reads books in a large box (containing a lightbulb) to conquer his fear of darkness every evening
  • He loves anything theatrical, but again hates musicals
  • Can speak fluent Russian
  • Awful with managing finances
  • Avoid romance
  • Blue eyes
  • Fan of crime novels
  • Constantly energetic
  • Checks that their door is locked at least 5 times before leaving the house
  • If my character found a wallet, he would report it to the police
  • Tall
  • He doesn’t drink because his eyes will turn orange if he is to consume alcohol
  • Hates parties, but enjoys raves

 Immigration: What view does my character have?

In relation to England’s Brexit:

Firm believer in the benefits of multicultural diversity in England- although he feels that migrants have taken some jobs that could be avaliable to English citizens- work ethic is perfectly valuable and migrants should not be denied work in England if they are hard working.

Worried about the strain on the NHS, but feels that migrants are not at fault.

Believes that England needs Europe for a healthy economy- there would be a loss in income which could be problematic for households that are already facing financial issues.

He feels very much that every human should have an equal chance in life, and immigration should be enabled, but equally strict.

Thinks that Brexit has a lot of promises that have been broken- eg. the cut on immigration.

In relation to Donald Trump’s Immigration Ban:

He understands Donald Trump’s wishes to ensure the safety of America, but is simply approaching the idea wrongly with racial injustice. Any nationality could be a terrorist threat to America (including Americans) and this should not be pin-pointed on racial groups. He hates racism and feels that Donald Trump is using this Ban to project his selective racism onto American citizens. He feels that Donald Trump is also choosing countries that haven’t posed specific threat to America in at least 4 decades, posing his ban to be quite pointless. Terrorism is quite unpredictable and when you start predicting, you could be further from getting closer to the truth.

Believes that America could be ignorant of the atrocities migrants face, and the desperation they have to flee their countries- it is not out of choice, but out of survival and if Americans were to experience the same violence and fear in their own country- would Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Syria and Yemen provide the same protection?

Saudia Arabia and Egypt are not included in the ban, despite their involvement with large-scale terrorist attacks and he feels this just presents Donald Trump’s selective racism towards seemingly innocent countries.

What Trump has enforced is actually illegal, my character feels that just because he is President, he is no lesser or greater a human and should be guided by the law equally.

Antagonist: Albert’s antagonist is part of his own mind.

An opposite of himself.

  • Long hair (but blonde)
  • Highly intelligent and manipulative
  • Narrow-minded
  • Judgmental
  • Loves internal conflict
  • Has attachment issues
  • Finds it hard to love
  • Only appears when my character is sleeping
  • Charismatic
  • Confident
  • Extroverted
  • Impulsive

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