Journey video

The journey begins with my character walking down a hallway and down the stairs. I wanted to begin my journey with this specific place as my character is also a student. The majority of my journey is focusing on the movement of people around my character and the point-of-view of my camera is directed towards the environment which is constantly moving. I shot some of this video in a car because I felt that this emphasizes my character’s distance between himself and the world around him. I didn’t specify any people being present with my character apart from the driver (which was my father) because I wanted to express how alone he feels.

The length of the video is deliberate to illustrate how much time my character spends observing people and movement.

I shot through daylight to night-time as it shows a progression of time- the extent of time that my character spends observing. The video was also partially shot in Cambridge which is where my character lives. The beginning scene of my character walking down a corridor is particularly oppressive as the walls seem to enclose. There is also no-one present which presents an isolation. I want to show a sense of paranoia and awareness of environment so there are some points where my character is focusing on very specific aspects- signs, imperfections in manmade objects, obscure materials. The withdrawal of my character from the world is given insight from the camera distance- being inside the car is a spectator perspective-relating to my letter animation.


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