Ideas for experimental film

What is the subtext of my video?


My video is to portray the extent of my character’s mind. How he feels like a spectator rather than a member of the human race.

  • I want to use sound and distort it to provide an insight to how my character perceives dialogue around him. When he is alone, everything is amplified, when he is in crowds, everything is calm.
  • How sounds can morph according to how he feels. I will use existing objects and reform them as a reflection of how he envisions reality.
  • Inspiration from Tim Webb- jump cuts, or repetitive scenes to imply monotony.
  • Camera obscura, camera filters/ vessels fixed around the lens/
  • Silent hill- alternate reality (comparing isolation with population)
  • Overlapped/teastained images- stills?
  • Only showing the characters hands- no identity
  • Experiment with camera distances- wide angle
  • Focal points- depth of field
  • Rotoscoping?



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