Final experimental Film


Camera Obscura construction


I cut a small square hole in one side covering it with a small magnifying lens- securing it with strips of insulation tape


I used a polythene bag as the material to project my image. This proved as more effective than using tracing paper. There are two layers of polythene bag layered here, but I ripped the first layer to create a bigger contrast in depths.
A view inside the construction- the box measuring approximately (H 31.8cm W 23.5cm D 18.5cm)

This construction was much more successful than my two previous attempts at creating a room obscura.

Evidence of the obscura working:

Experimental film draft 2

I have edited an entire piece of dialogue for my film but I have decided I will finish editing the sound effects and audio later into the arrangement of my film. I have re-arranged my film many times and so I have decided not to go too far into detail of sound as I already have an edited track which can be applied. I have some sound effects in mind which involve a sense of horror and menace.

Camera obscura- best photograph outcome

Taken on a 6 second exposure- quite blurry but can be used if re-sized to a smaller photo and integrated into video footage.




Photographs which will be included in my final film:

A series of photographs I have taken in Trafalgar square in relation to my character.

I have blurred the faces to ensure that no identities are violated.

Some insight on how my character views the world when they are alone. These are my own photographs of a project I had created on the subject of delapidation and isolation.



The walls peel to reveal a seperate reality- Inspiration drawn from the Silent Hill movies and videogames. I want to try blending two different environments to create a peeling wall effect.


An example of my idea:

Image result for silent hill peeling walls